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“The Top 4 Results On A Search Result Get 96% Of All Clicks.”​

This isn’t the best news for a lot of small businesses on the internet. There are over 160 billion Google searches in a month, so some traffic is always guaranteed, but with our help, we can make sure your business is right at the top of the page and clearly visible when potential buyers search for you.

At Megaphone Solutions, we don’t just worry about clicks and traffic, we care about you and your business goals. With conversion optimization as our primary objective, and a knack for audience profiling and targeting, our SEO takes your organic rankings to the next level.


Over the last five years, Google has revamped its entire search results algorithm nine times; marketing professionals (including ourselves) even speculate a tenth one is underway. This means practices that were effective a year ago could be detrimental to your organic results today.

Having worked for Google, we understand more than the algorithms. We understand how Google thinks, what it’s trying to achieve: a great user experience for everyone. By helping you deliver quality content, and adding as much honest and valuable information on the internet relative to your market audience, we can set your brand up for a massive increase in targeted organic traffic.

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This most commonly refers to Google AdWords and Bing ads. While they are extremely powerful tools, they do require experience and external tools to be used effectively, as all too often the wrong settings result in money being wasted on irrelevant keywords and non-converting traffic.

Letting us manage your AdWords and Bing ads means a hassle free stream of leads and conversions. It means knowing that every penny spent on Google is being maximized, and is being used to rapidly grow your online presence.

what More can we do for you?

Social Media​​

Our social media marketers will spread your brand wide across platforms, targeting your ideal customers.

Web Development​​

Our web developers will design beautiful websites that are irresistible to stay on, and leave a lasting impression.

Graphic Design

Our team of professional designers will create works of art that suit your business, and look extraordinary.

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