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“The average consumer makes a decision to skip or click on an ad in the first 2 seconds.”

In a world cluttered with ads and billboards, our Graphic Design services allow you to catch your customers’ attention. Our Graphics jump out of their screens, our Logo Designs pop out your company image; At Megaphone Solutions, we design attractive, engaging graphics that reflect the themes and values of your business.


A strong brand identity needs a powerful logo. At Megaphone Solutions, we make it our mission to understand you and your company, ensuring your logo is not only appealing and memorable, but personalized and distinctive in a way that exemplifies the unique value that your business gives to its customers.


Ads are tough to get right, and those that aren’t get ignored without a moment’s hesitation. That’s why Megaphone Solutions’ experts uniquely calibrate your ads to the medium, audience, and business to ensure you get the most exposure for your investment. We cover a huge range of styles and formats, and will work with your business to ensure your ads are both show-stopping and unforgettable.

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Social Media​​

Our social media marketers will spread your brand wide across platforms, targeting your ideal customers.


Our 100% ethical white hat SEO solutions will boost your rankings on search engines, free of any side effects.


We will create and optimize your ad campaigns on search engines and social media to yield maximum results and ROI across all platforms.

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